Cancers in the female reproductive organs

 In Treatment of Laparoscopic

According to Dr Nikita Trehan, the best gynaecologist in India, the incidence of cancer is increasing exponentially and cancer of the cervix (mouth of the womb) is still the most common cancer occurring in Indian women compared to the western world where its incidence has reduced drastically. Dr Nikita Trehan says the main reason for that is that the western world has adopted a number of preventive strategies to decrease the incidence of cervical cancer which are still not widely used in India. Preventive strategies and symptoms that are alarming: Cervical cancer vaccination is available and hence now all parents should vaccinate their daughters with this vaccine before they get married. After marriage all girls should go for regular Pap smears (in this simple OPD procedure cancer cells and pre cancer cells are looked for) and where in doubt Colposcopy may be performed by the doctor. Dr Nikita Trehan, world-renowned Gynaecologist & Laparoscopic surgeon, observes a woman should never ignore abnormal bleeding like that which happens between 2 menstrual cycles (inter-menstrual bleeding) or that which happens after intercourse (post-coital bleeding) as they could be symptoms of a cancer!! With early detection of precancerous and cancerous wound “the laparoscopic route can be used to treat these cancers and even the fertility can be preserved (uterus can be saved) when desired (lap radical trachelectomy). With the advantages of minimal blood loss , only one day hospital stay , minimal pain and early recovery and complete cure with no need for additional chemotherapy or radiotherapy, hence “Early detection “ of cancer is key. Similarly in cases of uterine cancer (cancer in the body of the uterus) for early detection a woman must never ignore the symptoms of “Abnormal uterine bleeding “i.e heavy menstrual bleeding with passage of clots or postmenopausal bleeding (bleeding/spotting occurring after menopause) in these cases where in doubt with the ultrasound findings the gynaecologist will perform a biopsy of the inner lining of the uterus and an MRI.

If diagnosed precancer the uterus can be treated only by medicines. In endometrial cancer also nowadays Laparoscopy is preferred as it offers many advantages of early recovery to the patient without the need for chemo or radiotherapy when the cancer is diagnosed early. Today with so many recent advances like sentinel lymph node mapping (a technique where the first area of spread of cancer can be detected at laparoscopy)  cancer surgery is not as scary as it used to be some years back only prerequisite is “ Early detection “ and use of preventive strategies.

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