• Lauded as the apex center for Minimally Invasive Surgery in Asia
  • Internationally acclaimed multi-specialty hospital chain in the field of “Laparoscopic and    Endoscopic Surgeries and the preferred destination for patients from India and abroad  requiring laparoscopic surgery.
  • Honored as a Center of Excellence in ‘Hernia Surgeries and Laparoscopic Cancer Surgeries’.
  • Built a reputation for doing rare surgeries in India and abroad.
  • Medical expertise of some of the eminent, qualified and experienced surgeons in the whole of Asia, who also train Surgeons and Gynecologists worldwide
  • Key doctors have spent most of their early days in the most advanced Hospitals across the globe understanding lifesaving treatment protocols & the latest techniques.
  • More than 2000 beds, 350 Specialists & 2500 plus staff towards Healthcare delivery.
  •  The pioneer of Minimally Invasive Surgery Dr. Hafeez Rahman Padiyath is the Chairman and Founder of this group who over the years developed has standardized many unique techniques of his own, which are now diligently followed worldwide
  • First center in India to have 3D from Karl Storz for Laparoscopic Surgeries
  • More than 10000 new patients treated every year for Laparoscopic surgeries alone the highest in the country.
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