Treatment of Laparoscopic Pregnant Encerclage | Sunrise Hospital

When the cervical length is insufficient or i.e when the cervix is incompetence. Cervix length started shortening or it opens up early during pregnancy near around second Trimester, It can cause miscarriages or preterm birth. Laparoscopy encerclage is done in the first or second trimester of the pregnancy. This is an ideal treatment for the Women who already suffered from miscarriages in the past due to cervical incompetence and other causes of miscarriages have been ruled out.  

Cervical incompetence or insufficiency is characterized as the failure of the uterine cervix to hold a pregnancy in the absence of the contractions. Cervical encerclage is considered as a straightforward yet helpful minor surgery for improving the fetal rescue in the patients of cervical ineptitude. 

In laparoscopic encerclage treatment, the cervical suture or stitch is placed at the level to prevent pregnancy loss due to cervical weakness.  Inappropriate selected cases, the fetal rescue rate goes up to 80%. Based on either history, sonographic evidence or clinical assessment of cervical incompetence, cervical encerclage can be done. 

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