• To Nikita Mam, Heartful graditute for all the case support and warmth that I have recieved here. Thanks for all the valuable guidance I have received time ad again from you. Wishing You Lots of Success and Happiness Thanks

    Parul Agarwal
    Parul Agarwal Date-27/02/2020
  • Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy done by Dr. Nikita Trehan

    Nayab Begum
    Nayab Begum
  • For me it was the most fearful time of my life but because of giving everything in your hands, it became perhaps easier and somehow bearable to face the utmost danger. I never could imagine that on 3rd day of my surgery. I would be wearing my own colourful clothes, on 2nd day. I would be walking, there are hardly any scars, there is hardly any precautions to take post surgery. Perhaps it's true as I have read that you have miraculous hands. You have rather taken all pains and given me a new pain free life. Also would mention the best and foremost impressive part is the humbleness and gratitude we found your gestures. Can’t enough thank Dr. Nikita Trehan for the Aura she carries, since just after seeing her, 5% pain is already gone when she talks to you and infuses the confidence to look up further with the latest technology you both have given a new life to lead. The hospital staff including Nurses, sisters, doctors, staff, etc. All of them are so cordeal and so helpful that it keeps the patient very patient. 5star for cleanliness. I along with family is thankful to all of you. Warm wishes to all of you and best wishes for your future as well.

    Isha Mittal
    Isha Mittal (standing counsel Allahabad High Court Lucknow Bench)Date-11/09/2019
  • Thank you so much to Dr.Nikita Trehan , to handle the situation so carefully, so differently. We are very impressed with the procedure done and the unique expertise of the doctor.

    Prerna Garg
    Prerna Garg Date-13/08/2019
  • Hello Dr. Nikita Trehan I want to Thank you for the happiness you have given to us, please enjoy these pics of our My 20 weeker twins. As you know I was having problem in my uterus, it was expanding large in 28 weeks and it was magical that you circlaged late that night. You and the staff with my family took good care of me. Babies are healthy and completely fine and One is 2.5kg and other one is 2 kg. They are smiling, so am I and my family. Visit now for more consultation with Dr. Nikita Trehan and Dr. Astha Gupta ️ and clear all your doubts and know about the benefits about IVF. For more details call us at +91 97114 37535 Or Visit:  https://www.sunrisehospitals.in/

    Dr. Nikita Trehan, Dr. Astha Gupta
    Dr. Nikita Trehan, Dr. Astha Gupta Date-24/10/2019
  • I was suffering from cyst and fibroids. when my husband found out about Dr. Nikita Trehan within 10 min of our meeting with her, we made up our mind that I will get operated by her. The confidence and knowledge she has are just amazing. I was operated laparoscopy by her. The doctor and entire staff are just brilliant, very helping, patient-friendly. Really feel blessed to have found a doctor her Dr. Nikita Trehan. The problem of fibroid does not remain problem anymore. Once is under the supervision of such a brilliant doctor.

    Reema Singh, New Delhi
    Reema Singh, New Delhi Date-3/07/2019
  • I’ve come from Sri Lanka. Before coming to the hospital itself, I had heard about the extent of Dr. Nikita Trehan in the field of laparoscopy which helped me to gain confidence to undergo the surgery under him. Good ambience and caring professionals around to attend the patient. Gives patients faster recovery in terms of both physiological and psychological aspects.” I will recommend all my relative and friends to opt for sunrise hospital, delhi for any treatment.

    Malika Jayanti
    Malika Jayanti Date-2/07/2019
  • She had 2 miscarriages at 4 and 5 months of gestation in past. She underwent the procedure uneventfully and was discharged after 1 day of Hospital stay. Patient Comments: I am very happy with the staff behavior, manners, promptness of service, professional attitude and the hygiene standards maintained at the facility. I am now 14 weeks pregnant and grateful for the fantastic surgery I have had. I had lost all hope of having a normal pregnancy before coming to this hospital. I will recommend everyone else like me to come to this hospital.

    Rajni Tyagi
    Rajni Tyagi Date-1/07/2019
  • Happy Doctor's day Dr. Nikita Trehan. I thank you to help me get rid of fibroids and help me achieve motherhood. You are the best. This is the best hospital for treatment of fibroids.

    Deepika Thakur
    Deepika Thakur Date- 1/07/2019
  • Post operative patient one hour after total laparoscopic hysterectomy

    Date- 24/06/2019
  • My experience was made very memorable by the hospital. I would like to recommend it to all.

    Asna Ahmed
    Asna Ahmed 01/08/2018
  • Best experience so far. Felt like home. Special thanks to Dr.Nikita Trehan.

    Saba Khan
    Saba Khan 07/07/2018
  • Very good care & nice treatment. Truly a boutique hospital.

     Ranjna Sood
    Ranjna Sood 18/07/2018
  • I really liked the behavior of all staff during our stay. All staff are very polite and co-operative. Rooms are very clean and well organized.

    Nishat Razi
    Nishat Razi 20/02/2018
  • Nurses are extremely caring and polite. Food is very good. All services is great.

     Neetika Mittal
    Neetika Mittal 21/02/2018
  • This hospital is very good and clean & very hygiene. It’s like a home.

    Rita Kapasia
    Rita Kapasia 21/02/2018
  • This is our second visit to the hospital. All doctors, Nurses, Housekeeping & support staff are very good and very friendly in behavior.

    Saba Yasman
    Saba Yasman 01/02/2018
  • Nursing staff & support staff are very good and friendly in behavior.

    Sonia 28/02/2018
  • We are very happy. Dr. Nikita Trehan had done very nice surgery and I am feeling very comfortable and relax.

    Farzana 16/09/2018
  • Very good service by all. Reception, Doctors, Nurses, Housekeeping & lab everybody.

    Ranjana Sood
    Ranjana Sood 26/09/2018
  • Nursing and Housekeeping Staff is very good. They take care like family. Everything is awesome.

    Shaheen Malik
    Shaheen Malik 10/12/2018
  • I came to Dr. Nikita Trehan from Lucknow. I was suffering from severe pain during periods and have suffered from infertility for the past 18 years. I also had severe pain while passing motion. After coming to sunrise I was operated upon by Dr. Nikita Trehan, who performed a Lap Surgery and separated my Rectum from the uterus (Which I am told were stuck because of endometriosis) She also performed an Adenomyomectomy Laparoscopically on me. Now I am pain-free & only wish I can have a baby also now.

    Anis Fatima
    Anis Fatima Date-xx/xx/xxxx
  • My deep gratitude to Dr. Trehan for changing my life. I had a severe condition of endometriosis with unbearable pain during menses. I was pretty much incapacitated once a month because of it. Two years ago I was advised to see Dr Trehan. She recommended a laparoscopy to remove the adhesions, cysts, and endo cells. It was the best advice ever! The results were life-changing. The agony and discomfort are gone, and I now have normal periods again with no pain. I feel like myself again. What a beautiful gift. Thank you, Dr. Trehan.

    Kishori (Christian Carrillo) Mexico City, Mexico. Age 31
    Kishori (Christian Carrillo) Mexico City, Mexico. Age 31 Date-xx/xx/xxxx
  • Never had such a friendly neighborhood hospital. I am quite satisfied with its clinical services and the outcome of my Bariatric surgery.

    Mr Singh from New Delhi
    Mr Singh from New Delhi Date-xx/xx/xxxx
  • I came to India all the way from Kent, UK with the hope of being blessed with motherhood. I was dejected at all other places but a ray of hope was burnt in my heart when i read about the success stories of Sunrise Group of Hospitals. I am undergoing my treatment for infertility at this center.

    Zubeida from UAE
    Zubeida from UAE Date-xx/xx/xxxx
  • Since I had heard about the expertise and infrastructure in Minimally Invasive Surgery I look forward for my treatment at Sunrise Hospital, Kalindi Colony, New Delhi. I trust its services because I have been referred by Sunrise Group of Hospital in Kochi.

    Juby John from Kochi
    Juby John from Kochi Date-xx/xx/xxxx
  • Patient came to Sunrise Hospital, New Delhi with the history of 8 miscarriages in her married life of 22 years. She underwent HYSTEROSCOPIC SEPTAL RESECTION and subsequently conceived. She was diagnosed case of hyperhomocystinemia and received injection clexane throughout her pregnancy. She delievered a healthy baby of 3kg. Patient Comments: Dear doctor, thank you so much for your help and support. I was devastated and had lost all hope of bearing my own child. I am happy to have visited Sunrise Hospital, New Delhi for I was blessed with the joy of motherhood. The staff was very friendly and caring. The labour room and nursery services were very good. I’d absolutely no problem for anything. I wish them the best !

    Sakila Date-xx/xx/xxxx
  • A young patient (28Yrs) presented to Sunrise Hospital, New Delhi with a 15cms large posterior wall fibroid with extremely low hemoglobin (7gm %). She had visited many doctors and was advised to try for OPEN MYOMECTOMY with the risk of need of even hysterectomy during surgery. Patient was highly concerned for her future fertility. She was reassured at sunrise hospital and underwent LAPAROSCOPIC MYOMECTOMY and LAPAROSCOPIC UTERINE ARTERY LIGATION (A surgery to prevent recurrence of fibroids in future Pioneered at Sunrise Group of Hospitals) Patient Comments: I am extremely thankful to the team of sunrise hospital for my treatment. I was having very heavy bleeding during my cycles earlier and doctors told me that my chances of becoming pregnant were very low with large fibroid in my uterus. Now I am having regular cycles after the surgery and feeling much better. My stay in hospital was very pleasant. Let many patients get the benefit under Dr. Nikita’s treatment to smile at their rest of life.

    Azra Date-xx/xx/xxxx
  • I’d been referred to Dr. Nikita for increasing success rate of IVF. I’d bilateral hydrosalpinx which was removed successfully by laparoscopy in this hospital. The staff is very good and supportive. I’d a fantastic experience at this hospital.

     Diya Negi
    Diya Negi Date-xx/xx/xxxx
  • This 48 years Old patient previously had laparotomy for adnexal mass. She was opened and closed due to FROZEN PELVIS. Patient underwent LAPAROSCOPIC ADHESIOLYSIS and TLH with BSO at Sunrise Hospital, New Delhi. Preoperatively, her tumor markers (CA-125, CEA and CA19.9) were negative and RMI was low. Histopath report later showed SQUAMOUS CELL CARCINOMA IN MATURE TERATOMA OF OVARY with involvement of tubal serosa. Patient Comment: The Services offered are excellent. The doctors and nursing staff are very friendly and cordial. I was really happy with the care and attention given after the operation specially visits of outside doctors to discuss the case. The best and foremost benefit I got is that I have been rid of the problem persisting for last 6-7 years

    Chitra Sharma
    Chitra Sharma Date-xx/xx/xxxx
  • This place has a very positive atmosphere, added on by excellent services, amiable staff at every level. Experience with doctors too was like being in a family. Unlike other hospitals there were no hassles to get immediate treatment done. Had a very comfortable stay & a positive and healthy post-op feeling. Being doctor myself, am very much convinced with care provided. Thanks to everyone here at SUNRISE HOSPITAL. Leaving Happily.

    Dr. Riccha
    Dr. Riccha Date-xx/xx/xxxx
  • We are very satisfied with the Sunrise Hospital Delhi. I am very happy after operation of my thyroid gland. We thank all the staff and attendants for their excellent services.

    Mah Jan
    Mah Jan Date-xx/xx/xxxx
  • I Found Dr. Nikita Trehan to be the best doctor. I have got very good results after the treatment. The ambiance of the hospital is good, Staff is customer friendly, Caring & Empathetic. Overall the experience during the stay at the hospital was very good. I would recommend Dr. Nikita for any kind of Laparoscopic Gynae Surgery. She is so good at it.

  • I, Mrs. Rajni Tyagi, R/o Meerut, UP, went to sunrise hospital Delhi with complaints of recurrent miscarriages. I had 7 miscarriages previously. I consulted with Dr. Nikita Trehan during this pregnancy at 10 weeks. I underwent a Laparoscopic Encerclage which is a new procedure which is totally different from the vaginal encerclage. Due to which the miscarriage & preterm labour were prevented. I had regular ante natal check -ups with Dr. Nikita Trehan. Finally I became mother of a baby boy, who was delivered by Elective Caesarian Section. Now I & my baby are doing well.

    Rajni Tyagi
    Rajni Tyagi Date-xx/xx/xxxx
  • It was really great experience with Sunrise Hospital. The meal was hygienic and the the environment was neat and clean. Well the hospitality was good and the whole management was very well co-operative. The doctors are very nice.Dr.Nikita treated us not in the way of patient but as family member. I got new life.

     Kanwal Jit Kaur
    Kanwal Jit Kaur Date-xx/xx/xxxx
  • I have got very good results after the treatment in Sunrise Hospital. I am extremely thankful to the team of sunrise hospital for my treatment especially to Dr.Nikita Trehan. Overall the experience during the stay at hospital was very good. Environment is neat and clean. Staff is very supportive and caring. Today I am leaving happily from here to sweet home. Best wishes to Sunrise Hospital and Dr. Nikita Trehan.

     Rekha Saroj
    Rekha Saroj Date-xx/xx/xxxx
  • All the services are excellent at Sunrise Hospital starting from the consultation of the patient with the doctor till Discharge. Dr. Hafeez Rahman did my case of Multiple Fibroid very efficiently and even my recovery was very fast. Secondly Dr.Nikita Trehan and her entire team was very helpful in the operation and during recovery period. All the another staff in hospital are very supportive. Environment is neat and clean. No consistent reminding to pay the bills.

    Mukti Sharma Vadodara, Gujrat
    Mukti Sharma Vadodara, Gujrat Date-xx/xx/xxxx
  • One of our patient Ms. Neha Jain get Laparoscopic Uterine Artery Ligation (LUAL) and Laparoscopic Myomectomy is done on 25/08/2014 and after One year she came for a regular check-up and get USG done. There was no Fibroid any kind of problem. She is now 100% fit and doing good.

    Dr. Nikita Trehan, Managing Director - Sr. Gynecologist and Laparoscopic Surgeon, Sunrise Hospital, New Delhi
    Dr. Nikita Trehan, Managing Director - Sr. Gynecologist and Laparoscopic Surgeon, Sunrise Hospital, New Delhi Date-xx/xx/xxx
  • My name is is Kusum Lata, From Palam. I had a delivery after that Bleeding doesnot stop. So have come to know about Dr Nikita, and consulted with Dr Nikita Trehan come to know about fibroid. After consulting with many Doctors there was no benefit. And some Doctor Suggested for open surgery. So again I have consulted with Dr Nikita trehan and get fibroid removal from Sunrise Hospital Laparoscopicaly. Its been 20 days since surgery There is no problem also there is no downtime. I had a very good experiance with Sunrise Hospital and Dr Nikita. Staff and enviornment is also very good. I will also recommend Sunrise Hospital and Dr Nikita Trehan.

    Kusum Lata, Palam
    Kusum Lata, Palam Date-xx/xx/xxxx
  • I was referred to this hospital by a doctor at Holy Family Hospital, though I had a little difficulty in finding the location of the hospital, it was well forgotten by the awesome service provided by the staff. From the beginning, everyone was very helpful, cooperative and caring. I would give extra points for the hygiene maintained. Very satisfied with the service overall.

    Bishakha Mzumdar
    Bishakha Mzumdar Date-24/11/2016
  • I am very happy and satisfied by the treatment. Though my elder brother was also treated here, but I was not aware about the extra care that is taken here. I am relieved now. Doctors have attended every now and then. The entire staff of this hospital is extremely caring.

    Raj Kumar
    Raj Kumar Date-xx/xx/xxxx
  • Heyyy! Good to see you. Dr. Ajay Aggarwal I was looking for you to say thanks.. After you did my Moms surgery she never visited any other gynaecologist for any problem she is totally fine now. Thank you for being there always for your patients and providing best possible services. More over I would like to visit you next month and ask you to come to Afghanistan for few days so that you can visit some patients here as well. Please set an appointment for me in Dec and text me the details. looking forward to have you with us here in Kabul .

    Sheela Samimy
    Sheela Samimy Date-xx/xx/xxxx
  • I have just had my hysterectomy done by Dr.Ajay Aggarwal. Earlier I had a lot of apprehensions regarding surgery and post-surgery recovery. A very good friend of mine (my sis)Dr.Juhi Arora Saha referred me to Dr.Ajay who explained me everything in detail and put me at ease about the procedure. The best part after surgery was there was no anesthetic nausea and no catheter(BEST PART) After 21 days I feel better to tackle small things at home. But I m always very much care about what I can and cannot do. Once again I am thankful to Dr.Ajay from the core of my heart for his support and care...

    Sukhvinder Kaur
    Sukhvinder Kaur Date-24/11/2016
  • I was admitted in Sunrise Hospital on 21 st November for delivery. I would like to offer my deepest thanks to all doctors and members of hospital staff who made the last days of my delivery so comfortable. I feel so comfortable knowing that those days were full of the best possible care. The kindness of all the nurses towards me is something I will always treasure. I would be in debt of someone who can pass my deepest thanks to all the housekeeping staff. Cleanliness of rooms and toilets was very good.

    Humaira Azim
    Humaira Azim Date-26/11/2016
  • Very Good. Nursing staff is caring, polite and proactive. I am truly satisfied with all the services.

     Anu Tyagi
    Anu Tyagi Date-27/11/2016
  • I came to know about Sunrise Hospital through the internet. Based on what I researched I found this hospital reliable. During my 2 days of admission here, I have to say that the cleanliness of the rooms and helpfulness of the staff is commendable. I truly appreciate their help in taking care of me and I would surely recommend Sunrise Hospital in future.

    Numa Kandangwa
    Numa Kandangwa Date-29/11/2016
  • I know about this hospital through Dainik Jagran newspaper then I make a such in interest regarding this hospital. I made an appointment through reception finally I came to Delhi to sunrise hospital meet Dr. Nikita Trehan got treated for fibroid.Got the best treatment for fibroid removal. Dr. Nikita Trehan is the best for her knowledge, skill, and Behavior god bless her a happy life.

     Sarita Jayaswal
    Sarita Jayaswal Date-01/12/2016
  • I am fully satisfied with the all the facilities and treatment provided with the highest quality of care, commitment and dedication of all the staff of sunrise hospital . All the facilities are here is of international slandered and according to the patient’s requirement .In my view sunrise hospital is one of best Gynae Surgery Centre with modern and innovative approach. I wish to give my heartiest thanks to Dr. Nikita Trehan and Dr. Hafeez Rahman.

    Purnima Tiwari
    Purnima Tiwari Date-01/12/2016
  • My sister suggests about Dr. Nikita Trehan. She knows about this hospital through a website. She had a surgery in Dubai at International modern Hospital. She blessed with a baby girl after 8 years of her marriage, alhamdulillal by the grace of God after that because of Dr. Nikita Trehan that’s why we came here from Hyderabad(for my surgery). I had an endoriometric list in my stomach. now I am feeling much better after surgery. I will also appreciate Dr. Hafeez Rehaman, Dr. Ajay Agrawal, and consultants or resident doctors. The cooperation and care of doctors are excellent. I will also mention about all the nurses. They all are very cooperative and caring. The cleaning department and management are good too.

    Mahim Fatima
    Mahim Fatima Date-02/12/2016
  • I am fully satisfied with all the facilities and treatment provided with the highest quality of acre, commitment, and dedication of all the staff of the sunrise hospital. All the facilities here are of international standard and tailor-made according to the patient’s requirement. In my view, the sunrise hospital is one of best gynae surgery center with a modern and innovative approach. I wish to give my heartiest thanks to Dr. Nikita Trehan & Dr. Hafeez Rahman.

     Sudhakar Tiwari
    Sudhakar Tiwari Date-02/12/2016
  • Nursing Facilities Are Very Good – Please Improve Food Taste, Services excellent, Like Staff Politeness & Overall Good…

    Snehlata Date-02/12/2016
  • Very Good Hospitalization has Been Received. a good experience it shows a good managerial team and an excellent head is driving this excellence.

     Rabab Fatima
    Rabab Fatima Date-02/12/2016
  • Sunrise Hospital is very popular Specially Dr. Nikita Trehan. She is very helpful. All Staff is operative. Whenever I needed any help they come quickly. This hospital is one of the best hospital. All facilities Provided by Hospital in excellent for this hospital specially for Dr. Nikita I give all five star. Love You Dr. Nikita you are my favorite.

    Harmanjit Kaur
    Harmanjit Kaur Date-06/12/2016
  • The Hospital has really very well for my wife. Nursing Staff is excellent. They are really helpful & so out of their help patients Doctors are really good at their very experience, they could diagnose the problems quickly & efficiently. Thank You team sunrise for giving us a reason to works, if required in future.

    Geetika Bhardwaj
    Geetika Bhardwaj Date-06/12/2016
  • The facilities at the hospital are good. cooperation from the staff is good. rooms are well cleaned and maintained. food is good. overall experience is good.

    Mrs. Sarika Prashant Rajankar
    Mrs. Sarika Prashant Rajankar Date-11/12/16
  • I Would Like To Say a big thank you to the hospital staff and doctors too. they do an amazing job. Hospital facilities is also very good. I went to say about hospital cleanness yeah hospital cleanness is above the average thank for all your efforts and treatment.

    Nisha Chawla
    Nisha Chawla Date-10/12/2016
  • The Hospital remains clean. the sub staffs are very cooperative. OT team is superb. Please keep up the good work. Suggestion: It would be nice if there is conveyance facility for attendants and patients.

    Mrs. Lanaya Ghose Dasti
    Mrs. Lanaya Ghose Dasti Date-20/12/16
  • Resident Doctors are very caring including the nuring & support staff. cleanliness is very good. the room we were staying was well good & natural light was also there.

    Monica Jain
    Monica Jain Date-20/12/2016
  • I came to know about this Hospital from my friend. I had zest in my ovaries. I was attended by Nikita Ma’am; she treated me well and removed my fears regarding my illness. The staff is highly cooperative and very well behaved.

    Pooja Date-21/12/2016
  • My mother’s surgery was conducted by Dr. Nikita. My mother is feeling better immediately from the second day of surgery. We are extremely happy by the services and the treatment.

    Kishore, Mathura
    Kishore, Mathura Date-21/12/2016
  • I was suffering from cervical incompetence, and was very worried about my health post one deliveries. My brother in Dubai spoke to Dr. Nikita who advised me the suitable treatment. Now I have been operated by her and the attention and care that a patient receives at Sunrise Hospital is commendable. I am thankful to Dr. Nikita for her care and treatment.

    Suhaliya Sabi, Srinagar
    Suhaliya Sabi, Srinagar Date-21/12/2016
  • I came here for my delivery. I am thankful to the doctors and the staff. The facilities and the care here is appreciated able.

    Alifa Date-21/12/2016
  • I got to know about Sunrise Hospital from my husband who is associated along with Dr. Nikita at Iskon Temple. My entire pregnancy treatment was taken care at Sunrise Hospital. I thank the entire staff for making my pregnancy so comfortable. I thank Sunrise Hospital for such a lovely gift.

     Parul Bhasin Sukhani
    Parul Bhasin Sukhani Date-21/12/2016
  • The facilities care here is appreciate able and Thanks for all.

    Bibj Hanifa
    Bibj Hanifa Date-26/12/16
  • Over All Good Services, very well behaved and I am thankful to Dr. Nikita for her treatment.

    Sana Kabeer
    Sana Kabeer Date-21/12/16
  • Nice All Staff Excellent Service & Good Treatments Over All Good Services.

    Mudha Junya
    Mudha Junya Date-21/12/16
  • The hospital is neat and clean. The sub-staff are very cooperative and OT team is superb. Please keep up the good work! It would be nice if the hospital can arrange conveyance facility for the attendants and patients.

    Mrs. Taneya Ghose Dashi
    Mrs. Taneya Ghose Dashi Date-28/12/16
  • The doctors, nursing & support staff are very professional. The hygiene and cleanness are of high standards. The patient rooms are well-ventilated & have all the basic facilities required for a comfortable stay.

    Monica Jain
    Monica Jain Date-28/12/16
  • The doctors are highly concerned and visit the patients every morning. The supporting staff is good but I would suggest that it would have been great if there were more nurses as it is difficult to handle so many patients especially at night.

    , Date-23/12/16
  • We are very satisfied with the treatment at the hospital. The behavior of the staff is really nice. The doctors are very good but we need some improvement in the canteen. Thank you.

    Nida Suhail
    Nida Suhail Date-28/12/16
  • Dr. Nikita Ma’am always keeps that positive attitude towards the patients and keep going on with the treatment which is really commendable.

    Akansha Garg
    Akansha Garg Date-27/12/16
  • The treatments are highly affordable & satisfactory. The nursing staff is very efficient and visits the patients on regular intervals. I was really impressed with the hygiene in the hospital. The baby care services were excellent and highly impressive.

    Sunita Budaniya
    Sunita Budaniya Date-28/12/16
  • The environment of the hospital is good. The support staff is excellent as they know their job very well. I took my wife to the hospital for treatment and was very satisfied with the way the doctors treated her. The attendants were very careful and handled everything very well. I wish good luck to the hospital management and the staff for their future endeavors.

    Arpita Dey
    Arpita Dey Date-25/12/16
  • Very Satisfied with the service. Nice cordial staff and nurse are also great. Overall great experience would recommend sunrise hospital to others as well.

    Chamen Fatima
    Chamen Fatima Date-3/1/17
  • Regular visits of the doctor. Politeness and caring attitude. All staff is very good.

    Kavita bharti
    Kavita bharti Date-1/1/17
  • Co-operative staff & doctors. Attentive and ready to works. Caring attitude of all staff members. Nice food and good dietary service.

     Mrs. Ruchika Thakur Saklani
    Mrs. Ruchika Thakur Saklani Date-2/1/17
  • My Daughter admitted here in this Hospital at Sunrise for laparoscopy Operation of the uterus. Well done by Dr. Nikita Trehan. All the staff is very Co-operative, Treats us very well. Cleanliness is so much that I Have Never seen in my life in any hospital in India. I Stayed about Four Year in Japan, Cleanliness was as it was seen in Japan by me. Food Cooked by Mr. Raghav was so tasty that we never eat from outside or not bring food for home. Thanks again to all senior staff of the hospital to maintain so nicely.

    Neha Soni
    Neha Soni Date-03/01/2017
  • It’s our first-time visit to your hospital as consulted by Dr. Neeta Mishra, we are very pleased to have services from you. In every field let it be care, cleanness, consultation & others, our experience here is awesome. Thank you, Sunrise.

    Anju Pandey
    Anju Pandey Date-09/01/2017
  • Our overall experience at this hospital is very good. The available staff is very cooperative and responsive.

    Sarika Prashant Rajankar
    Sarika Prashant Rajankar Date-08/01/2017
  • Nursing Staff, food & Dietary services, room accommodation and services of support staff are excellent.

    Shabana Parveen
    Shabana Parveen Date-08/01/2017
  • The services in this hospital is very good. The cooperation of the nurse is very good. The warm services that we have got from the hospital is remarkable. All the staff is very supportive and helpful. We are specially thankful to Dr. Neeta Mishra, our consultant doctor for suggesting us to come to this hospital for treatment.

    Piyali and Arijit
    Piyali and Arijit Date-07/01/2017
  • Hospital is good. In a package, minimum 2-3 days stay may be allowed so that patient may go home comfortably after discharge. Patient dress should be provided according to her body size and at last thank you doctors for the treatment & the caring staff members. And special thanks to Dr. Nikita Trehan for helping me get through a very difficult time. You are truly doing God’s work.

    Dr. Meenakshi Singh
    Dr. Meenakshi Singh Date-14/01/2017
  • Sunrise Hospital is the best hospital, where they provide all kind of services and facilities. Patient care is very good. All staff (doctors, nurses and support staff) are very good. Hospital gives special importance to treatment and time to time medicine. It is the best Hospital, Superb. Thank You.  

    Varsha Date: 18/01/2017
  • The behavior of doctors and staff is very good. Services and treatment of the hospital is very good and I have recovered very well. Cleanliness of the hospital is also good 

    Priya Date: 19th Jan 2017
  • Our experience in Sunrise Hospital was overall good. Doctor and all staff was very cooperative. Care given to the patient was excellent. Hospital cleanness is well maintained. Special thanks to all nursing staff for all care. Thanks to Dr. Ajay Aggarwal for all guidance and help.  

    Anupampreet Kaur
    Anupampreet Kaur Date: 20th Jan 2017
  • I had a satisfactory experience at Sunrise Hospital from the date of admission till discharge. It is a very organized hospital and has an excellent support staff. Dr. Nikita Trehan handled my case very well and I found no post-operation complications. Whatever was told the same procedure was done accordingly.I wish her all the best!  

    Swapnil Saxena
    Swapnil Saxena Date: 22nd March 2017
  • Respected Nikita Tehran You always be my angel. Thanks for giving me this precious gift. My lovely son may of your patients have recommended you as a good doctor, but I am going one step further recommend you as a great human being more than a good doctor. I have the fact that you were a good listener. I have the fact that your staff attitude was exceptional. The nightmare of my illness severe Endometriosis, slowly become a dream of recovery , all thanks to a wonderful doctor who changed my journey to becoming mom my nothing less than a dream come true."  

     Rupika Khanna
    Rupika Khanna Date: 28rd March 2017