Dr. Hafeez RahmanChairman of Sunrise Hospitals

Name: Dr. Hafeez Rahman

Designation: Chairman of Sunrise Hospitals

Areas of Expertise: Obstetrics & Gynecology and Gynae Laparoscopic Surgery

Post graduation with a gold medal, at BJMC (Gujarat University).
The ‘Miracle Doctor’ in the editorial of the American Journal of Endoscopy.

Brief Profile:-

Our Chairperson and the driving force behind Sunrise Hospitals, Dr. Hafeez Rahman began his career focusing on Laparoscopic surgery in 1992. Today, he is one of the pioneers in the world for this medical procedure. Most of the techniques he has developed over the years are followed all over the world including countries like the USA. He was the youngest secretary of FOGSI, the largest medical society in INDIA, as well as the youngest chairman of FOGSI. He was also the Hon. Secretary of Indian faculty of Endoscopy and the founder Vice President of IMAGE which is Gynec. Endoscopy society.

Since completing his post-graduation with a gold medal, at BJMC (Gujarat University), Dr. Hafeez has done pioneering work to spread the benefits of Laparoscopy in all Asian countries. He has taught and provided his expertise in several countries like Malaysia, UAE, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Bangladesh to name a few.

For over 24 years, Dr. Hafeez Rahman has been teaching Gynecologists of all ages and competency levels from all over the world in the art of Laparoscopy. As of today, over 1000 Gynecologists have benefited from his wealth of knowledge and expertise in this field. He was instrumental in establishing laparoscopic surgery in many parts of India like Assam, Bihar, Manipur, and Rajasthan.

Today he has completed more than 1,00,000 Laparoscopic surgeries, which is probably the largest number done in the world and more than 13,000 Laparoscopic Hysterectomy, which is again the largest number. When Dr. Rasad Pasic from the USA visited India and saw the number of cases done by Dr. Hafeez Rahman in a day, Dr. Pasic wrote in appreciation about the ‘Miracle Doctor’ in the editorial of American Journal of Endoscopy.

Dr. Hafeez is the first Indian surgeon to be invited as a training faculty to the Ministry hospitals in the UAE, as well as being a consultant at INTERNATIONAL MODERN HOSPITAL in MANKOOL, DUBAI.

He has won several awards including the masters Award from IMAGES and the SHAN RATNAM Award from AOFOG, Singapore, for his pioneering efforts in Endoscopy. Today he has achieved a good reputation as the fastest surgeon in Gynec. Endoscopy and is a pioneer in laparoscopic Gynec cancer surgery. In fact, Dr. Hafeez Rahman is among the handful of surgeons in the world who does cancer surgery laparoscopically.

Dr. Hafeez is the pride of Sunrise Hospital and a born surgeon. He is a talented artist and ambidextrous, which gives him the added advantage to operate with both hands equally. With his visionary outlook and unrelenting dedication to improve medical standards in India and abroad, Dr. Hafeez Rahman is beyond doubt an inspiration to the management and medical professionals at Sunrise  Group of  Hospitals.

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