Sunrise: A new ray of hope in the field of Gynaecology

 In Gynaecology, surgery

Sunrise hospital is a renowned name in its field now. With the best facilities, doctors and procedures, Sunrise is seeing growing fame in all fields especially in the field of gynaecology. The gynaecologist that heads the team is Dr. Nikita Trehan. She is a very well known laparoscopic surgeon and the managing director (MD) of Sunrise hospital as well. They, as a team, specialize in minimal invasive surgery and provide minimally Invasive procedures in all branches of medicine like Laparoscopy, Thoracoscopy, Arthroscopy and Cystoscopy with some of the most experienced doctors.

Dr. Nikita Trehan has been working with Sunrise for the past 9 years now. She is a dedicated and an excellent gynaecologist. She had achieved fame till the level of entering the Guiness world record to have removed the largest fibroid weighing 3.9 kgs. She is also working with ‘Save a life’ NGO in Nigeria where she is a regular operating surgeon. She has also organised ‘free surgical camps’ for the poor at the hospital. A number of her patients, who have loved her work, have appreciated and blessed her.

“I have got very good results after the treatment in Sunrise Hospital. I am extremely thankful to the team of sunrise hospital for my treatment especially to Dr.Nikita Trehan. Overall the experience during the stay at hospital was very good. Environment is neat and clean. Staffs are very supportive and caring. Today I am leaving happily from here to sweet home. Best wishes to Sunrise Hospital and Dr. Nikita Trehan” testified one of her patient, Ms. Rekha Saroj.

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