Signs of Hormonal Imbalance

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Hormones play a very important role in maintaining the health and well being of the women. Hormonal imbalance or fluctuation can affect sexual desire, ovulation, fertility or even mood for that matter. Common reasons of hormonal imbalance can be menopause, pregnancy, contraceptive pills etc. Stress is another reason of hormonal imbalance in women. Here are some signs of hormonal imbalance

  • Sleep Disorders

During menstruation, women usually have difficulty in sleeping, because there is a sharp drop in their hormone levels. Hormone levels drop even after childbirth, which then leads to lack of sleep. This is the reason women usually remain sleepless after childbirth.

  • Frequent Acne Outburst

Due to hormonal imbalance, a lot of women face acne outburst. This is because of the excessive oil secretion from the body, which clogs the pores, and causes pimples and acne. The increased testosterone in women worsens the acne breakout.

  • Increased Hunger

No matter how much you eat and control your diet, you end up reaching out for junk food, because the hunger increases, and so does the food cravings. You must eat healthy in this situation, and exercise, so that your hormones control and little, and you do not end up gaining unnecessary weight. So next time you realize that you are eating too much, check with your gynecologist and control hormonal disorders before you start putting on weight.

  • Depression and Mood Swings

Most of the middle aged women go through mood swings and depressed, mainly because they are in their menopausal stage and the hormones tend to go crazy at this time. You must consult the best gynecologist in Delhi to get the right medication in order to balance your hormone levels. Prolonged depression might lead to a lot of other health problems.

You must be check with your gynecologist if you see any of these symptoms. Hormonal Imbalance can cause a lot of health problems, and lead to skin disorders as well.

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