We have a team of devoted surgeons, who adopt a policy to provide high quality medical care with compassion, excellence, and integrity. There is a special interest in Laparoscopic interventional surgery.

Our surgical team has a lot of valued studies at different aspects of surgery and they continue to exploit the most up to date approach to surgical cases. Different major operative procedures can be readily accomplished at Sunrise Hospital especially with a good back up of intensive care unit. Most of our Laparoscopic operations are considered as a day care or one day stay, but we always take into consideration patients with special needs. Our surgery team believes that postoperative infection continues to be a major source of morbidity and discomfort to surgical patients, so proper preparation is always adopted and continuing monitoring of our hospital atmosphere is ratified.

Condition & Treatments

Uterine Fibroid Treatment

Uterine fibroids are lumps that grow on your uterus. You can have fibroids on the inside, on the outside, or in the wall of the uterus…

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Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer occurs when abnormal cells on the cervix grow out of control. The cervix is the lower part of the uterus that opens into the vagina…

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Endometrial Cancer

Endometrial cancer usually occurs in women over the age of 50 and thus after menopause, but up to 25% of cases may occur before the menopause…

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Ovarian Cancer

Therapy for Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Category of Ovarian Cancer Based on Surgical Staging Recommended (standard) Therapy Early ovarian…

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Stem Cell

Ability of differentiation (to give rise to a specialised cell type that becomes part of a healthy person)…

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Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping

Sentinel lymph node mapping has the potential to decrease morbidity and optimize the pathologic assessment of identified nodes in women…

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Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

Many women experience abnormal vaginal bleeding or spotting between periods sometime in their lives…

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Endometriosis is the abnormal growth of cells (endometrial cells) similar to those that form the inside or lining the tissue of the uterus…

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Cesarean scar defect and cesarean scar pregnancy

A cesarean scar defect or isthmocoele or uterine diverticulum, is a pouchlike defect of the anterior uterine isthmus at the site…

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Recurrent Miscarriages

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss is a profound personnel tragedy to couples seeking parenthood…

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Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding

Dysfunctional uterine bleeding is irregular bleeding from the uterus. For example, you may get your period…

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Postmenopausal Bleeding

If you have completed menopause — gone without a period for more than one year — you should not experience…

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Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

Now a days as we all know a lot of unindicated Hysterectomies (Removal of uterus) are being performed in North India…

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