Post Menopausal Bleeding

 In Menopause

Post menopausal bleeding (menopause is when a woman doesn’t get periods for one year) is a symptom which has to be investigated urgently and seriously, it can be a sign of uterine cancer in about 15 percent women, says world-renowned gynaecologist and laparoscopic surgeon Dr Nikita Trehan . The most definite method of finding out the cause of the bleeding is a hysteroscopy where a pen sized telescope is inserted into the uterine cavity and a biopsy taken. Also other causes of bleeding like a small polyp (a small growth (non cancerous) from the inner lining of the uterus) or a uterine fibroid can be removed at the same time. In case the biopsy shows the diagnosis of a uterine cancer the cancer can also be removed totally with the help of laparoscopic surgery with minimal pain and minimal blood loss.

Most cases of uterine cancer are diagnosed early and hence can be easily treated by laparoscopy and radiotherapy is needed in very few cases. As per Dr Nikita Trehan, the best gynaecologist in India, the best thing one can do is to report the doctor early, as early reporting and treatment will result in a complete cure.

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