Menopause Myths Busted

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Menopause is a natural phenomenon and happens to every woman after a certain age, and the myths that go along with it seem to confuse and scare women at the same time. You must identify the thin line that exists between fact and myth, and act accordingly so that you can deal with it accordingly. Here are some common myths busted by the best gynecologist in Delhi-

Every women will go through uncomfortable symptoms

Women usually suffer from some common symptoms like night sweats or hot flushes, but most of them do not face any problem at all. Because of this myth, it has lead to nightmares and women dread menopause when they reach a certain age. You are most likely to have the menopause without any of these painful symptoms at all.

Weight Gain

It is true that women put on weight during menopause, but this happens because of slower metabolism, as the lower estrogen levels can affect the distribution of fat and weight gain is seen around the waist area. However, regular exercise and healthy diet can help you lose weight in no time.

Smoking leads to Early Menopause

Smoking no doubt affects you in a lot of ways, and heavy smokers have seen an early menopause, but studies have shown that that if you quit smoking in your middle age, you will not be affected by anything as such.

You should not be scared in your pre-menopause stage and consult a gynecologist in case you have any queries.

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