Laparoscopy: The best treatment for Endometriosis

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Dr. Nikita Trehan, a world-renowned Gynecologist and Laparoscopic Surgeon is dedicated to Gynae Endoscopy and Minimally Invasive Gynecology at “Sunrise Hospitals, INDIA, & Sunrise IMH, Dubai. Dr Nikita Trehan is one of the best laparoscopic surgeon to hold the Limca Book of Record in 2016 for successfully performing Hysterectomy on one of the Oldest Woman (107 Years). At Sunrise hospital rare of rare cases are being treated by best gynaecologist in India.   It provides Minimally Invasive procedures in all branches of medicine like Laparoscopy, Thoracoscopy, Arthroscopy & Cystoscopy with some of the best gynaecologist in Delhi. We therefore speak proudly of our care, expertise and experience.

cervical cancer
cervical cancer

Sunrise hospital has a team of devoted surgeons, who adopt a policy to provide high quality medical care with compassion, excellence, and integrity. There is a special interest in Laparoscopic interventional surgery, treating conditions like fibroids, infertility, endometriosis. Dr Nikita Trehan provides best fertility treatment and also holds the record for the largest fibroid removal laparoscopically in the UAE at 3.05 KGS. Some women who may be suffering from pain in their pelvic areas may learn that the problem is either endometriosis or fibroids.  Some of the symptoms for fibroids and endometriosis are similar or even the same, but there are differences.

Fibroids are quite common in ladies in their 30s and 40s. But fibroids usually do not cause problems. Many women never even know they have them. Often fibroids do not cause symptoms. Or the symptoms of fibroids may be mild, like periods that are a little heavier than normal. Endometriosis can be more serious as this Endometriosis invades into the intestines ( rectovaginal endometriosis) leading to pain while passing motion or while having sex ( dysparenunia) and infiltration into the  urinary bladder can lead to the patient having severe pain during periods and can even lead to her kidney being blocked and nonfunctional by this type of Endometriosis. Hence now the WHO has termed it as a chronically managed condition.

The most accurate diagnosing and treatment modality for Endometriosis today is Laparoscopy where this condition can be diagnosed and treated in almost 100 percent cases. During this advanced laparoscopic treatment ( key hole surgery ) the endometriotic cysts can be removed completely without any damage to the normal ovary with the help of carbon dioxide lasers .Also in tertiary centres the painful rectal and urinary tract Endometriosis can be totally removed with the help of Laparoscopy and new energy sources in laparoscopy like ultrasound energy and co2 lasers .This laparoscopic procedure not only helps the woman in relieving the pain and discomfort symptoms (like bloatdeness and constipation ) and painful sex but also helps the woman restore her fertility and helps her get pregnant faster only in very extreme cases is Ivf ( test tube Bäby ) needed after laparoscopy. Additionally as this laparoscopy is not only more cosmetic but also causes less pain , minimum blood loss ,and the patient can return to work in 1 to 2 days due to early recovery it has emerged as a boon for infertility patients suffering from this dreadful and painful condition.

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