Infertility when all treatments fail what can be the cause?

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As per Nikita Trehan, world-renowned Gynaecologist & Laparoscopic Surgeon at Sunrise hospital, infertility is reaching epidemic levels nowadays and with the rising ages of the couple wishing to conceive it is become even more common. Along with the new treatments emerging today many more reasons for infertility which were not known earlier are being discovered and treated nowadays. In this article Dr Nikita Trehan, the best gynaecologist in India, speaks about some of the newly found treatments.

Nowadays we see many cases of several failed IVFs (failure to conceive even after many IVF). Male factors: often only the simple semen analysis is performed but if there is increased sperm DNA fragmentation checked by a few tests and the causes of these fragmentation’s corrected it would not only help the couple conceive but also the risk of miscarriage would be lowered .

Female causes :

other than the commonly known causes like fibroids, endometriosis, etc which definitely need to be treated laparoscopically before trying to get pregnant several new causes are emerging like the presence of isthmocoele or caesarean scar defects : in these woman a small pouch forms in the scar of caesarean ( where the woman has had previously delivered by caesarean) this pouch is removed Laparoscopically and helps in treatment of infertility and recurrent miscarriages. At Sunrise Hospital recently a woman with 16 failed IVF had this condition and after treatment conceived naturally.


In this condition the uterus becomes uniformly large and even if the woman gets pregnant the miscarriage rate is very high. Hence to correct this condition the Sunrise T shaped procedure has been performed by us laparoscopically, this offers the benefit to the patient of only one day hospital stay minimal blood loss and pain and easy ability to get pregnant.


Many times women have infected blocked tubes due to previous infections like Tuberculosis or like sexually transmitted infections, in such women if the hydrosalpinx is not corrected the IVF often fails. In such women laparoscopic treatment of the tubes helps the woman to conceive easily. Last but not the least, nowadays we find that many times the eggs of the women are weak or very few due to pregnancy desired by her at an older age, here stem cells can be used to increase her egg reserve and strength.

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