Healthy living in monsoon

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The much awaited season of the year may come with a relief from sweltering and sweating summer but there are many precautions which are necessary too. The dirty rain water and humidity with suns UV rays combine together resulting in sickness, roughness of skin, dullness, diseases and many other problems. Nearby tea stall with the watering pakoras being made is among the favourite street food in monsoon. People consume such stuffs to get a chill of monsoon but they neglect their health in that enjoyment.  The problem is not the pakoras or tea or any other food the problem is the dirt and infections present in those things. Actually the water is so inflated with the diseases during monsoon that it leads to stomach infections and many other diseases. Many other diseases which are very common in monsoon are malaria, dengue and leptospirosis. To be safe from these dangerous diseases which can even result in death situation one needs to take necessary precautions in monsoon. Some of them are:

  • Proper diet:    a proper diet during monsoon, excluding the junk food items, helps to maintain the oxygen level of the body. Moreover it tackles all your skin problems, hair problems, immunity issues and other problems.
  • Eat fruits: consumption of fruits is very important. It should be include in the diet as it helps to make the skin glowing free from pimples. Make sure the fruits are fresh.
  • Drink water: A minimum consumption of 8-9 glasses of water is important as it helps in flushing out the toxins from the body.
  • Avoid street food: The food being made on the street are very delicious but are not health. Prefer eating something which does not harm you immune system. Prefer home made products than street or restaurant food.
  • Proper cleaning: During monsoon it is very common of rain water drops being splashed on the body. Therefore it is very important to clean the body atleast twice. Prefer bathing twice a day to keep your body free from germs.
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