Drugs that can affect fertility

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There can be a lot of reasons that might lead to infertility, including pelvic inflammatory disease, diet, age and endometriosis. But a very few people know that certain medications can also be one of the reasons why they are having problem in conceiving. Here are some drugs that might be affecting your chances of fertility in the long run.


Steroids are used for multiple reasons, like increase endurance, treat asthma and even lumps for that matter. It directly affects male as well as female fertility. The use of steroids in men can decrease the sperm count, and erectile dysfunction and atrophy. In women, the release of luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone which can disrupt menstruation.

Prescription Medicines

There are certain prescription medicines as well that can affect fertility of both men and women. In case you are planning to conceive, and you are given any medication by your doctor, make sure you check with the doctor once, and ensure its good for you. Antidepressants, blood control medicines and even thyroid medicines can have a direct effect on your fertility and it can cause complications during pregnancy.


Antidepressants also affect fertility adversely, as their common side effects include low blood count, libido, menstrual irregularities. Nevertheless, there are some antidepressants who do not have any such effect, and so, you must consult your doctor about the same. However, these medicines do not have a very high dose, you can take them only if your doctor recommends.

Apart from these medicines, creams and gels that contain estrogen must also be avoided, or it just simply affects the hormones and creates problem during pregnancy.

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