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Infertility Treatment Delhi 

Infertility -> To have a baby is one of the deepest human desire but unfortunately according to the latest statistics nearly 25% of eligible couples from third world countries (Including India & Africa) suffer from infertility and nearly 50.6% of eligible couples of reproductive age group seek medical help to conceive. Infertility is caused due to problem in the male partner in 1/3rd cases problems in the female partner in 1/3rd cases and problems in both partners in 1/3rd cases .

In the female partner  (1) The fallopian tubes may get blocked due to infections like sexually transmitted diseases (PID) and T.B hence today with increasing sexual promiscuity it is very important to use condoms (when a couple does not want to conceive) to protect against HIV and STDS especially in teenagers.

(2) Obesity and PCOD -> obesity is now becoming a pandemic and leads not only to infertility but also lead to miscarriages, Diabetes in pregnancy etc, The ideal BMI of 21-25 should be maintained in women who are trying to get pregnant.

Also PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease) where the Androgen (male) hormone is in excess in women can be controlled by lifestyle modification and help the woman get pregnant .

(3) Underweight -> Being underweight, and the new size zero fad can lead to infertility also by causing anovulation (egg not released from the ovary).

(4) Age -> As every woman is born with a fixed finite number of eggs delaying the age of marriage & conception to after 35yrs can lead not only to infertility but also can lead to increase chances of disorders in the child (Like Down Syndrome etc.)Also as age advances the incidence of other gynaecological conditions like Fibroids, Endometriosis etc starts rising especially after 35years of age.

(5) Alcohol Smoking Caffeine -> Alcohol & Smoking not only leads to infertility but also cause FGR (Fetal growth retardation) in pregnancy and can lead to disorders in the child. (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome etc)

Caffeine -> Recent studies have shown that only 300mg 1day of caffeine can lead to anovulation (one cup of coffee has 150mg of caffeine) and several beverages and sodas and chocolates also contain caffeine.

(6) Stress & Sleep Deprivation –> Along with hectic lifestyle also leads to Anovulation

Overall today’s women face a dilemma between our Modern lifestyle with all its stresses & Addictions and Having a healthy baby on time, But fortunately the choice is entirely ours!

Infertility Treatment Delhi   

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