All you should know about Abortion

 In Gynaecology

Getting pregnant is one of the best feelings; however, there are might be a lot of reasons why you might want to get the child aborted. The health of the mother and the fetus, being physically and mentally ready are some common factors you must consider. The best gynecologist in Delhi would suggest you to get the child aborted in case of any physical disorder of the embryo. If the pregnancy isn’t terminated, there might be life risks for the mother, as well as the unborn child. Once you have taken a decision to terminate the pregnancy, you must decide on the procedure, and when you should get it done.

You must decide whether you are getting the abortion by surgical or nonsurgical methods. If you want to get the non surgical abortion, it has to be done as early as possible. In case you have decided to get the pregnancy terminated on the early stage itself, you must go to a gynecologist at the earliest. In case of non surgical methods, the abortion is done by a simple pill. Most of the clinics these days use the pill in order to terminate early pregnancy. This pill is used only if the fetus is less than 9 weeks old.

In case the fetus is older than 9 weeks, then you will have to consider in clinic abortions where the trained gynecologists provide the best possible option. You must act fast anyway and get the pregnancy terminated at an early stage itself. It increases the chances of successful abortion, and is cheaper at the same time. In fact, there are a lot of countries in which abortion is illegal after a certain point. The only exception is if the life of the mother is in danger because of the child.

You must consult the best gynecologist in Delhi as soon as you find out that you are pregnant. Even if you plan to keep the child, you must see a gynecologist at the earliest.

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