"I had a satisfactory experience at Sunrise Hospital from the date of admission till discharge. It is a very organized hospital and has an excellent support staff. Dr. Nikita Trehan handled my case very well and I found no post-operation complications. Whatever was told the same procedure was done accordingly.I wish her all the best!"
- Swapnil Saxena
"All the services are excellent at Sunrise Hospital starting from the consultation of the patient with the doctor till Discharge. Dr. Hafeez Rahman did my case of Multiple Fibroid very efficiently and even my recovery was very fast. Secondly Dr.Nikita Trehan and her entire team was very helpful in the operation and during recovery period. All the another staff in hospital are very supportive. Environment is neat and clean. No consistent reminding to pay the bills."
- Mukti Sharma Vadodara, Gujrat
"I have got very good results after the treatment in Sunrise Hospital. I am extremely thankful to the team of sunrise hospital for my treatment especially to Dr.Nikita Trehan. Overall the experience during the stay at hospital was very good. Environment is neat and clean. Staff is very supportive and caring. Today I am leaving happily from here to sweet home. Best wishes to Sunrise Hospital and Dr. Nikita Trehan."
- Rekha Saroj

"It was really great experience with Sunrise Hospital. The meal was hygienic and the the environment was neat and clean. Well the hospitality was good and the whole management was very well co-operative. The doctors are very nice.Dr.Nikita treated us not in the way of patient but as family member. I got new life."
- Kanwal Jit Kaur

"“I, Mrs. Rajni Tyagi, R/o Meerut, UP, went to sunrise hospital Delhi with complaints of recurrent miscarriages. I had 7 miscarriages previously. I consulted with Dr. Nikita Trehan during this pregnancy at 10 weeks. I underwent a Laparoscopic Encerclage which is a new procedure which is totally different from the vaginal encerclage. Due to which the miscarriage & preterm labour were prevented. I had regular ante natal check -ups with Dr. Nikita Trehan. Finally I became mother of a baby boy, who was delivered by Elective Caesarian Section. Now I & my baby are doing well.”"
- Rajni Tyagi

"I Found Dr. Nikita Trehan to be the best doctor. I have got very good results after the treatment. The ambience of the hospital is good, Staff is customer friendly, Caring & Empathetic. Overall the experience during the stay at hospital was very good. I would recommend Dr. Nikita for any kind of Laparoscopic Gynae Surgery. She is so good at it."

"We are very satisfied with the Sunrise Hospital Delhi. I am very happy after operation of my thyroid gland. We thank all the staff and attendants for their excellent services."
- Mah Jan

"“This place has a very positive atmosphere, added on by excellent services, amiable staff at every level. Experience with doctors too was like being in a family. Unlike other hospitals there were no hassles to get immediate treatment done. Had a very comfortable stay & a positive and healthy post-op feeling. Being doctor myself, am very much convinced with care provided. Thanks to everyone here at SUNRISE HOSPITAL. Leaving Happily.”"
- -Dr. Riccha

"This 48 years Old patient previously had laparotomy for adnexal mass. She was opened and closed due to FROZEN PELVIS. Patient underwent LAPAROSCOPIC ADHESIOLYSIS and TLH with BSO at Sunrise Hospital, New Delhi. Preoperatively, her tumor markers (CA-125, CEA and CA19.9) were negative and RMI was low. Histopath report later showed SQUAMOUS CELL CARCINOMA IN MATURE TERATOMA OF OVARY with involvement of tubal serosa.<br />

Patient Comment: The Services offered are excellent. The doctors and nursing staff are very friendly and cordial. I was really happy with the care and attention given after the operation specially visits of outside doctors to discuss the case. The best and foremost benefit I got is that I have been rid of the problem persisting for last 6-7 years


- Chitra Sharma

"I’d been referred to Dr. Nikita for increasing success rate of IVF. I’d bilateral hydrosalpinx which were removed successfully by laparoscopy in this hospital. The staff is very good and supportive. I’d a fantastic experience at this hospital."
- Diya Negi

"Patient presented to Sunrise Hospital, New Delhi at 10 weeks period of gestation for laparoscopic Encerclage (A treatment for recurrent Miscarriages Pioneered at Sunrise Group of Hospitals). She had 2 miscarriages at 4 and 5 months of gestation in past. She underwent the procedure uneventfully and was discharged after 1 day of Hospital stay.

Patient Comments: I am very happy with the staff behavior, manners, promptness of service, professional attitude and the hygiene standards maintained at the facility. I am now 14 weeks pregnant and grateful for the fantastic surgery I have had. I had lost all hope of having a normal pregnancy before coming to this hospital. I will recommend everyone else like me to come to this hospital."

- -Rajni Tyagi

"A young patient (28Yrs) presented to Sunrise Hospital, New Delhi with a 15cms large posterior wall fibroid with extremely low hemoglobin (7gm %). She had visited many doctors and was advised to try for OPEN MYOMECTOMY with the risk of need of even hysterectomy during surgery. Patient was highly concerned for her future fertility. She was reassured at sunrise hospital and underwent LAPAROSCOPIC MYOMECTOMY and LAPAROSCOPIC UTERINE ARTERY LIGATION (A surgery to prevent recurrence of fibroids in future Pioneered at Sunrise Group of Hospitals)

Patient Comments: I am extremely thankful to the team of sunrise hospital for my treatment. I was having very heavy bleeding during my cycles earlier and doctors told me that my chances of becoming pregnant were very low with large fibroid in my uterus. Now I am having regular cycles after the surgery and feeling much better. My stay in hospital was very pleasant. Let many patients get the benefit under Dr. Nikita’s treatment to smile at their rest of life."

- -Azra

"Patient came to Sunrise Hospital, New Delhi with the history of 8 miscarriages in her married life of 22 years. She underwent HYSTEROSCOPIC SEPTAL RESECTION and subsequently conceived. She was diagnosed case of hyperhomocystinemia and received injection clexane throughout her pregnancy. She delievered a healthy baby of 3kg.

Patient Comments:  Dear doctor, thank you so much for your help and support. I was devastated and had lost all hope of bearing my own child.  I am happy to have visited Sunrise Hospital, New Delhi for I was blessed with the joy of motherhood. The staff was very friendly and caring. The labour room and nursery services were very good. I’d absolutely no problem for anything. I wish them the best !"

- -Sakila

"I’ve come from Sri Lanka. Before coming to the hospital itself, I had heard about the extent of Dr. Nikita Trehan in the field of laparoscopy which helped me to gain confidence to undergo the surgery under him. Good ambience and caring professionals around to attend the patient. Gives patients faster recovery in terms of both physiological and psychological aspects.”

I will recommend all my relative and friends to opt for sunrise hospital, delhi for any treatment.”


- -Malika Jayanti

"Since I had heard about the  expertise and infrastructure in Minimally Invasive Surgery I look forward for my treatment at Sunrise Hospital, Kalindi Colony, New Delhi. I  trust  its services because I have been referred by Sunrise Group of Hospital in  Kochi."
- -Juby John from Kochi

"I came to India all the way from  Kent, UK  with the hope of being blessed  with motherhood. I was dejected at all other places but a ray of hope was burnt in my heart when i read about the success stories of Sunrise Group of Hospitals.  I am undergoing my treatment for infertility at this center."
- -Zubeida from UAE

"Never had such a friendly neighbourhood hospital. I am quite satisfied with its clinical services and the outcome of my Bariatric surgery."
- -Mr Singh from New Delhi

"My deep gratitude to Dr Trehan for changing my life. I had a severe condition of endometriosis with unbearable pain during menses. I was pretty much incapacitated once a month because of it. Two years ago I was advised to see Dr Trehan. She recommended a laporoscopy to remove the adhesions, cysts, and endo cells. It was the best advice ever! The results were life changing. The agony and discomfort are gone, and I now have normal periods again with no pain. I feel like myself again. What a beautiful gift. Thank you Dr. Trehan."
- -Kishori (Christian Carrillo) Mexico City, Mexico. Age 31.

"I came to Dr. Nikita Trehan from Lucknow. I was suffering from severe pain during periods and have suffered from infertility for the past 18 years. I also had severe pain while passing motion . After coming to sunrise I was operated upon by Dr. Nikita Trehan, who performed a Lap Surgery and seprated my Rectum from the uterus (Which I am told were stuck because of endometriosis) She also performed an Adenomyomectomy Laparoscopically on me. Now I am pain free & only wish I can have a baby also now."
- -Anis Fatima

"I came to Dr. Nikita from Allahabad and had very heavy bleeding during my periods & was unable to conceive. My hemoglobin was very low (6 gm) and I recovered injectable Iron therapy. I was then diagnosed with fibroid uterus. Dr. Nikita Trehan performed a Lap Fibroid removal surgery on me and a large 10cm fibroid was removed laparoscopically. I was discharged the next day and did not have any pain or any problem. Laparoscopy is the best method of removing a fibroid and Sunrise the best place. Thank You Sunrise"
- Rinku Pandey