Prenatal Yoga for a Healthier Pregnancy

There are a lot of ways that help you relax and stay fit during your pregnancy. Prenatal yoga is one of the best options, and it also prepares you for childbirth. Here are some benefits of prenatal yoga you will experience.  


  • Improved Sleep– Prenatal Yoga calms you down and reduces stress, which in turn improves your sleep. A better sleep pattern helps you have a healthier pregnancy.


  • Reduced Anxiety – Pregnancy leads to hormonal changes which lead to mood swings and anxiety. Prenatal yoga reduces anxiety and stress.


  • Increased Strength- Prenatal yoga increases strength and flexibility of the muscles. This helps in easier childbirth.


  • Reducing pregnancy discomfort- Prenatal yoga reduces the discomfort that comes along with pregnancy. Lower back pain, headache, nausea and shortness of breath is controlled.


The first time mothers are usually really worried about their pregnancy, in a prenatal class, they can meet and bond with other pregnant women and prepare for the pregnancy. A prenatal yoga class usually involves the following

  • Breathing- when you go for the prenatal yoga class, you are made to focus on breathing slowly and deeply. Shortness of breath is controlled and managed when you go for prenatal yoga. This helps in reducing contractions during labor.
  • Postures- There are a lot of Yoga Aasans that are not recommended during pregnancy. However, some aasans are proved to be really helpful during pregnancy and they can be done while sitting, lying on the ground or even standing. In order to provide support and comfort, pillows, cushions, belts and blankets are also used.
  • Stretching – During Prenatal Yoga, gentle stretching is encouraged in order to make the muscles stronger, and help reduce the body and back pain during pregnancy.

Regular pre natal yoga can help you have a more comfortable pregnancy and a healthier baby. However, you must check with your gynecologist before you do so, just to make sure there are no complications involved. You must consult the best gynecologist in Delhi and get the right consultation to have a healthier pregnancy.

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