Legends Go Live

Legends Go Live!

Witness Live Pelvic Surgeries By the Legends in Gynaecology Pelvic surgeries are not that complicated as you perceive. Sunrise Hospital is organizing an event where the titans of Gynecology will tell you everything you need to know about the pelvic issues and the possible...

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Cerclage Treatment hospital in Delhi

Cerclage Treatment in Delhi, India

To begin with, Cervical Cerclage medically is also known as a cervical stitch, but a treatment for cervical incompetence or insufficiency, when the cervix starts to shorten and open too early during the pregnancy process causing either a case of late miscarriage or for...

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Endometriosis- Symptoms, Causes & Treatment in Delhi

Endometriosis: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment in Delhi

Today, most women struggle with various health related issues that are common, however, if neglected, these issues can drastically affect the health. Endometriosis is one such common disorder that affects a huge number of women in their reproductive years. It is common amongst women...

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