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Natural Child Birth – Some Myths Busted

The term ‘Natural Birth’ was coined by obstetrician Grantly Dick-Read in his book Natural Childbirth somewhere in the 1930’s. Before the 1900s, most women used to give birth at home with the help of midwives and other elderly women. It was after hospitals came up in the early 1900s, that women started to go to hospitals for childbirth.

For a mother natural childbirth means less stressful postnatal period and faster recovery because of fewer post-surgical discomfort and complications. Although a variety of methods are used during natural childbirth to help the mother in natural childbirth, there are some common myths which need to be busted. Some of the best gynaecologists in Delhi have come together to de-mystify the whole process of natural childbirth.

Myth #1: Epidurals are unnecessary and dangerous

Many insist that the pain of labor can be managed naturally, and if not, should be endured.. Some also insist that epidurals are “dangerous” to both baby and mother. Not true. The risk of death from a labor epidural is less than the risk of death from a lightning strike. Epidurals aids in making the labour smoother and reduces extreme pain, thus helping the mother both mentally and physically.

Myth #2: Once a C-Section, always a C-Section

This may or may not be true depending on a variety of reasons for your previous C-Section. Vaginal births after Caesareans are becoming extremely common. You just need to talk to your Doctor.

Myth #3: Childbirth is best without any medication

Although natural childbirth is relatively easier with the aid of relaxation exercises and deep breathing in between contractions, there are situations when labour is prolonged than expected and which then requires medication for the mother to go through the entire process smoothly and deliver normally. Hence, healthy birth is also possible with the use of medicines.

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