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Today, India has become viable location for all kinds of medical treatments. It has become world class leader in both traditional and conventional form of medicine. Its medical staff and facilities at various  hospitals provide  unmatched services than rest of the world.

According to a report published in 2010, the Confederation of Indian Industry and Mckinsey has already predicted that emergence of medical tourism will add one more feather to India’s success story. This industry is still in its nascent stage but will continue to grow in next 5 years and will continue to contribute an additional revenue of USD 2.3 billion by 2012. No doubt it has been slated to be the largest exporter of gross revenue after software industry.

Medical tourism is the exchange of treatment across borders for the purpose of healthcare and is gaining its acceptance in India especially in South. Here are the factors that have contributed its growth.

  • Long waiting time for medical procedures  in countries like U.K,U.S,Europe and Middle East.
  • Convenient, speed and affordable international environment.
  • Improvement in technology and health care standards.
  • High cost of medical care in West.
  • Some of the procedures in  West are  not covered under their insurance like orthopedics( knee/hip replacement). Added to all these,they  impose unreasonable restrictions on choice of surgeon ,prosthetics and facility.

Even reproductive tourism or reproductive outsourcing  is gaining immese popularity. It is the practice of traveling to foreign countries for the purpose of in-vitro fertilization,surrogate pregnancy and other assisted reproductive technology. They also include treatments like retro-production and freezing embryos.

Some of the popular medical tourism procedures include

  • Minimally Invasive Surgeries
  • Orthopedics
  • Endoscopy/ Colonoscopy
  • Various Gynecological Procedures
  • Stereotactic Mammography
  • Eye Surgery and others

We offer number of services and facilities to our international patients:

Online Consultancy Before Arrival
Visa assistance letter
Proforma invoice & payment options
Complimentary airport pick up
Doctor’s appointment and treatment
Attendant and complimentary food
Other services