Q. What are fibroids? Who can get them?
Q. What are the symptoms of fibroids?
Q. Why is the Laparoscopic approach better than the Open approach?
Q. What is the treatment of fibroids?
Q. I am a 36 year old working lady who has an active sexual life. Me and my husband have had a great sexual life so far, but lately, the act has become painful. I am afraid that I might have caught an infection. Could you suggest any remedy for this? - Shradha, Pune
Q. Are ovarian cysts very dangerous? Also, can anyone get them or are they contracted via intercourse only? Timira, Mumbai
Q. I am 31year old married for 7 years and eager to conceive. My husband is 32 years old we live together and have no sexual problems but, I have never got pregnant we have been trying to conceive since the first month of our marriage, now there is a lot of family pressure on me to have a baby. My doctor says that my husband is normal and his Semen Analysis is also normal but she says that my tubes are blocked. This was diagnosed on HSG done 2 months back. She says that I have to go for IVF, but I cannot afford IVF is there any way out?
Q. I am a 25 year old lady and have a six year old child. My problem is that I have very heavy bleeding during my periods and I also pass a lot of clots. Also I feel a lump in my abdomen the doctor did an ultrasound and says I have fibroids in my uterus one of them in 9cms and there are several ofthem from 2 to 6cms in size, she says that my uterus is as large as a 22wks size pregnant uterus and says that since the uterus is this large these fibroids will have to be removed by a large cut on my abdomen and I may even lose my uterus. As I want to have atleast 1 more child can I do something?
Q. I am 42 years old and my problem is that I leak urine whenever I cough or laugh or do any exercise, so much so that I have to wear pads. This is interfering with my sex life and causing a lot of problems between my husband and me. I have met the Doctor and she says I have stress incontinence, will yoga or meditation help to calm me and decrease my stress?
Q. I am 29 yrs old married for 4yrs and eager to conceive during my investigations for infertility i was found to have a 15cms size fibroid in my uterus on ultrasound, my doctor recommended an open surgery for removal of the fibroid as he says that the fibroid is very large, also he says that I may even end up in losing my uterus if there is excessive bleeding during the surgery plz help?
Q. I am 46yrs old with excessive bleeding during periods I was diagnosed with adenomyosis 2 yrs ago and Mirena was inserted but as I have no relief I have been advised to undergo a hysterectomy. I have heard that women have increased hair growth on their face, hot flushes, decreased sex drive etc after hysterectomy. What should I do?
Q. Where is your hospital located?
Q. What is Laparoscopy/Key-hole surgery?


Q. What are the advantages of laparoscopic surgery for patients?
Q. What is laparoscopic surgery used for?
Q. Why do doctors prefer laparoscopy?
Q. What is obesity? Do you have any special treatment for weight reduction?
Q. What is your OP timings ?
Q. What are the contact numbers for emergency and appointment system?
Q. What are the special facilities available at Sunrise?