Doctor Profile

Dr. Harish Ghoota

Name: Dr. Harish Ghoota

Designation: Consultant

Areas of Expertise: Orthopedics & Sports Medicine



Brief Profile:-

  • Dr.Harish Ghoota is a Senior Consultant Joint Replacement & Sports Injury Surgeon at Sunrise Hospital, New Delhi.
  • Specialist in Hip Replacement, Knee, Elbow, Shoulder Replacement Surgery and keyhole Surgeries of joints(Arthroscopy)
  • Performing around 500 joint surgeries in a year.
  • Has operated on patients from all over India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, Zaire and other African countries.
  • Invited all over to perform and teach orthopedics surgery to young surgeons in India.
  • Attended and organized Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy, and joint replacement workshops & seminars at leading centers.