Ditch five food habits to keep obesity away

Ditch five food habits to keep obesity away

Ditch five food habits to keep obesity away

Trying to slash the extra fat? Say no to unhealthy foods itmes such as red meat, fast  food and more, says an expert Ashish Krishna, minimally invasive and obesity surgeon at Sunrise Hospital, shares a list  of foods that you need to cut down on:

– Fast foods: Burgers, pizzas, carbonated beverages, noodles and many more are junk  foods low in nutritional values and high in sodium, sugar and preservatives. They  disturb your body’s metabolism, digestion, liver and heart functions.

– Sugary foods: Young people especially children have a weakness for sugary soft drinks, chocolates, ice creams and other items that have absolute high calorie content. They contribute drastically in embracing diabetes and blocking arteries.

– Red meat: If you can’t live without non-vegetarian food and it is hard to resist yourself to change your main course, then shift from red meat to white in order to control cholesterol level.

– Refined grains: Our body requires a substantial amount of fiber which one can derive from grains’ covering or husk. Consuming refined grains especially white rice and wheat flour increases obesity and health problems.

– Oil and ghee: Harmful effects of unsaturated fats are obvious for those who are already overweight or one who gives little or no time for physical activities due to busy work schedule and other problems.

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